Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long have you been doing this and how many weddings have you photographed?

A: I (Tom) started shooting weddings in 2011, and in 2012 I made it my full-time job. Since then I have shot over 115 weddings. Yes I still love it, and no I don't eat cake every weekend.


Q: What inspires you?

A: People and places. If I don't feel like I could hang out with you after the wedding, I will probably recommend you to another photographer. I will be asking you to do some intimate things at times, as well as some very goofy and sometime embarrassing things. So we'd better get along! I also take great inspiration by amazing places. I love architecture, whether new or old, and love to incorporate that into our photos. I also love great landscapes, woods, water, and ruins. If you can combine all of those into your wedding, you HAVE to hire us to shoot it. If you are super cool and your wedding location is too, we are going to seriously rock the show.


Q: Do you work with a second shooter, and who is it?

A: Rarely, and only when it is necessary. I love having Liz shoot with me, but because of her schedule saving lives at the hospital, she's not always available. I have a few other people that I like equally as much, but am much less affectionate to while shooting with them. Add $75 per hour of shooting if you absolutely want a second shooter.


Q: How does it work when you shoot alone?

A: Well I began my career working alone, and thats the best way to learn. I know exactly what I’m getting and what I still need to get. I usually start the day with the guys getting ready, then head to the girls, then head to the ceremony or first look. We will work out the timing and logistics as you plan. If this means adding an hour or two with me, it is still cheaper than adding a second shooter for the day.


Q: Do you have any official credentials?

A: While we are not members of any official photographer associations, Liz and I both have degrees in Film and Cinema from Columbia College in Chicago and worked in the film industry through out California for 5+ years each. In that time we both worked directly with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and have several film credits to our names. We love reminiscing about it so ask us more!


Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, of course!


Q: Your package is listed at 8 hours with one photographer. What if I need more or less than that? Does the price change?

A: Indeed it does. Simply add or subtract $250 per hour of coverage you think you will need. It is best to consult with us first to see what we think we can do in that amount of time given the parameters of your  schedule.


Q: Do you charge extra for travel?

A: Our published rates include travel within 2 hours of Traverse City. If your wedding is in an exotic location such as Iowa or South Dakota and is not already listed, custom travel fees will be discussed.


Q: How much time do you need for family formals and creative bride and groom portraits?

A: I would love to get up to 2 hours for everything. The work you see on our website is done in this timeframe, and we certainly want to be able to deliver our product as you expect. So please consult us for arranging the schedule to accommodate this. Family formals can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes and having up to 90 minutes or so for creatives would be amazing. It's not always the case, but please allow us to give you what you came to us for, and budget your time with us wisely.


Q: Will you work with same sex couples?



Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash, check, or charge. All in US dollars please.


Q: Have you won any awards?

A: Yes! Woo Hoo! We have won "Best of Weddings"on since 2014, are in The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame, and have been featured in several Michigan magazines including Metro Detroit Bride and Traverse Magazine.


Q: How many pictures do you take and how many do we receive?

A: I can take anywhere from 1,500- 3,500 images depending on how many details there are and if I have a second shooter or not. I may even take a few of myself while you are not looking, but you will probably never see those ones. I usually deliver between 600-900 depending on the coverage.


Q: What is a "first look" and why should I consider doing one?

A: A "first look" or "reveal" is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time before the ceremony. We try to keep it intimate and private, however we have incorporated the wedding party in the past and that is also fun. We love doing these because it is a more private experience for the bride and groom to remember rather than having the pressure of hundreds of eyes on them as they walk down the aisle. It was our favorite part of our own wedding, and gave us some of our favorite and most genuine photos. We strive to give our clients the same feeling and memories by creating a moment they will never forget through our photos of it. After a first look, we like to continue the array of emotions and immediately shoot the bride and groom's creative portraits. We will break the ice and get you ready for the ceremony, whether it is by having fun with you, having you get close to each other, or sharing a drink on the party bus with your wedding party. Ask us more about whether or not this is for you.


Q: Can uncle Bob take pics at the wedding too?

A: Of course! We understand that this is a family occasion and that family members want pictures too. However, if one of them gets in our way during a critical moment that we absolutely cannot miss, we may have to bump elbows with them and politely ask them to step aside.. After all, you paid for us to be there and we are going to do our job, even if we have to get feisty.


Q: What if I want to publish your photos on a wedding blog?

A: We love getting our name out, so please let us know where you would like our photos to go and we will assist you along the way. After all, this is our product and creative property that is copyrighted, and we need to know where it is going online. We ask for your compliance in this process and all uploaded images must have our logo on them, link back to our site, and include a photo credit. Images with our logo are compressed specifically for web-use and included in the delivery to the client for such uses.


Q: How do you deliver the photos to us?

A: We send you a beautiful flash drive of the final edited images and we give them to you in 2 resolutions. One folder contains print resolution images which are high resolution jpegs free of our watermark and logo. These are intended for personal printing use only. The other folder contains web resolution images that do contain our logo. We ask that if you post any of our images online that you please use these images so we get the proper credit we deserve as creative professionals. Our logo is pretty sweet too so we want people to see it.


Q: Can I send you my pinterest board?

A: While I promote collaboration, I really don't like Pinterest. Sure it is great for gathering inspiration, but it also often destroys people expectations. You are hiring us for the work you see on our website, so please tell us what you see here that makes you want to work with us.


Q: Do you work from a shot list, and can I send you one?

A: Kinda, and no. I would love to know a few things about the details of your wedding, but please don't ask me to take photos of the rings, the flowers, the vows, the kiss, etc. Those are a no-brainer. If you found a list online of "must have" photos to get from your wedding, chances are that I read that list a long time ago, and have built it into my everyday work flow. What I would rather be informed about are obscure things like someone showing up in a gorilla suit, or a self-serve cotton candy machine, or a surprise flash mob of dancers performing a Madonna song. Things I might need to prepare for that aren’t in your average wedding. I would also love to know if there are any people in which you must get a photo with, such as an elderly grand parent, or a close uncle who may not be around much longer, etc. The only shot list I bring with me is for family formals, and we will send you that to you to fill out after signing a contract.


Q: How do we move forward from here?

A: Send us an email through our contact form, and set up a time for us to chat on the phone or meet in-person. See if we are a good fit for each other, and assuming all goes well, we will send you a contract to fill out and return along with 40% deposit. The remaining 60% is due 2 weeks before the wedding date. We understand that not everyone has large chunks of money floating around so we can always break it up into a few additional payments to put your accounts at ease. We also accept credit cards too.

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