Hi there. We're Tom & Liz.

We were best friends who found themselves falling in love. And then we decided to get married. Maybe you can relate. Or maybe you experienced love at first sight. 


Whatever your story, we want to tell it through photographs.


Perhaps you're curious about our name, Two Twisted Trees. Well, a good friend penned us a poem for our wedding day, and we felt it summed up falling in love and our life together- 

I run to you as a river runs into the lake
I stand tall for you, a tree
With deep roots that also reaches for the skies.
Your presence is like the new wind
Sweeping away the dust of the dry season
Before, I stood alone in the valley and the mountains.
Now one roof will shelter us both.
We will share our harvest,
And happiness will cover us
As snow covers the plains in winter.
Each year we will see each other afresh
For no field ever flowers the same way.
Rains are certain, but storm clouds will not stay.
Some years are plentiful, others are bare,
But it is certain, when we are twisted with age
We will lean towards each other like two old trees. 
-- K. Hackel, 10/1/2011


We love the unique perspective we gain on the world when looking through our lenses. Our work finds inspiration from our upbringings among the high rises of Chicago and quiet horse barns of western Michigan, our years spent together falling in love in the deserts of southern California and the redwood forests of northern California, and now in the rolling hillsides and deep blue waters of Grand Traverse Bay in northern Michigan.

We love working with people from all walks of life and photographing them, especially in their finest, candid moments. We also believe collaboration is essential to a successful photo shoot, and we love it when the people we work with give us their own ideas or suggestions, like incorporating a favorite hobby or hidden spot during their session.


And now, a little about each of us...


Hi, I'm Tom.

Hi, I'm Tom. your go-to man, the principal, goofy-creative mastermind of Two Twisted Trees Photography. Tom's dedication to his art runs so deep, he spends his off-season creating & crafting experimental lenses, cameras, and techniques, which he incorporates into some client sessions. Aside from photography, Tom loves wine and beer, and works a couple days a week at local winery Forty-Five North, where he meets lots of interesting people, including clients. Tom also enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, and exploring northern Michigan woods with Liz and their dogs Yogi and Benji. 


Hi, I'm Liz. And this is Taavi.

Hi, I'm Liz. And this is Taavi.

Liz... more on the back side of things here. She keeps our website current, handles social media and more or less keeps Tom from going crazy when he has piles of photos to edit by bringing him umbrella drinks or comfort food. Liz's love of caring for people and animals lead her to a full-time career in nursing. Liz also loves the equestrian life, riding and competing a Haflinger sport pony in the discipline of dressage, and going for long trail rides with fellow equestrians through northern Michigan's woods. She also loves playing with our dogs Yogi and Benji.




We hope we've piqued your interest and we'd love to chat with you about how our services can benefit you.

So don't be shy, say hello!

Best of The Knot 2015