Panoramic Portraits

The following 50 images are stitched panoramic portraits, and a few landscapes. The collection was made over a full year of photographing weddings in various parts of Northern Michigan. Each image was created by combining anywhere from 3-15 photos taken hand-held, in fast succession, while panning or tilting the camera. These images in their native scale and sizing range between 10,000 pixels wide and up to 25,000 pixels wide. The file size of such an image can be between 1GB and 4GB, and is equivalent to about 200 megapixels. To give you an idea of how big that actually is, these images can be printed on the side of a bus without any enlargements or losing image quality. Hence, these images are highly detailed in their native size, but have been scaled down significantly for online use.

Future projects will include stitched close-up portraits to imitate or replicate antique camera effects not possible on today's digital SLR cameras. More coming on that soon, but for now, enjoy these spacious images!

Best of The Knot 2015